Women in Transition

Suddenly new responsibilities that come with life changes can seem overwhelming.

Women shoulder much of the load when it comes to taking in a elder parent. The loss of a spouse through death or divorce may feel debilitating, especially if the spouse was the primary breadwinner or managed the finances–or both. Add the care of children to the mix, and there is a special set of challenges for women to navigate. A well-thought strategy can increase the comfort level and provide a sense of security during the storms of life.

Some of the most commonly addressed issues during this process include:

  • I am suddenly caring for my elder parents. How do I manage new expenses?
  • Our family’s financial responsibilities are now mine alone. What should I do?
  • I received an inheritance/life insurance lump sum. How do I stretch it to provide the most security?
  • How can I manage the transition from independence to needing to be cared for myself?