Prime Earning Years

These are the peak earning years.

The planning has become more complex. The opportunities have become more complex. It’s important to have a team to help you navigate these complexities.

This season calls for a multifaceted approach; a new strategy customized for wealth creation. Peak earning means peak saving, peak opportunities. Tax-favored strategies and new investment vehicles can make a significant impact on your portfolio.

Some of the most commonly addressed issues during this process include:

  • Am I on track to maintain the lifestyle I want throughout retirement?
  • What role do taxes play while I am accumulating wealth and when I begin to take income?
  • How do I ensure that my plan fully takes advantage of tax efficiencies at distribution?
  • Does my investment portfolio reflect the opportunities afforded to me in this stage of life?
  • Is my investment portfolio capitalizing on opportunities afforded to me at this stage?
  • Does my insurance coverage match my needs?
  • I have a previous employer retirement plan, what do I do with it?