Women and Money

Women are facing unique challenges as they navigate building their own wealth.

They may have more education and career opportunities than ever before, but they may have lacked women role models from previous generations to show them what a successful retirement plan looks like firsthand.  While women have made general gains in equitable compensation, they are still having to save for tomorrow from a lesser income today. On top of that, many women are now the main provider in their families. A longer life expectancy exposes women to additional expenses.

More than ever now is the right time for a wealth management plan tailored to a woman’s unique circumstances.

Some of the most commonly addressed issues during this process include:

  • How do I know Strategic Wealth can help me feel secure about financial planning?
  • How can I map out what my retirement will look like?
  • How big a factor will Social Security really play in my retirement?
  • How can I save enough to cover health care costs?
  • Is there a way to minimize taxes on my hard-earned assets?